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Gruber's Complete Preparation for the New SAT
972 pages
With the explanation to a question, you can answer that one question. With the Gruber strategies, you can answer thousands of questions! These strategies show you how to think about problems best, and can be used consistently on every SAT test.
Praised on national TV, radio, and in hundreds of newspapers around the country for his revolutionary Critical Thinking Skills method, Dr. Gruber offers students:
++ 101 Most Important Math Questions You Need to Know
++ The World's Shortest SAT Test (16 Questions)
++ The 291 Most Important SAT Words
++ Proven Strategies for Solving Questions Quickly
++ Diagnostic strategy test to further improve your test-taking skills and approach
++ 5 Full-Length SAT Practice Tests with complete explanatory answers keyed to the Gruber strategies and basic skills ++ Everything you need in 2009! ++ "The best book on the SAT" -CBS Radio

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SAT Vocabulary Express: Word Puzzles Designed to Decode the New SAT
McGraw-Hill, 224 pages
National bestseller! This book is the real deal -- start improving your vocabulary today!
Challenge your mind and build your confidence! -- Word puzzles are a proven tool for building vocabulary. They nudge the puzzler gently toward shades of meaning, synonym recognition, contextual interpretation, and making educated guesses--all the mental tricks needed to do well on the SAT verbal section. In SAT Vocabulary Express, a top test-prep coach teams up with a leading crossword puzzle author to offer students a fun, effective alternative to standard vocabulary builders.
- Develop and use a powerful repertoire of words
- Dissect new words and understand their meanings
- Solve word problems quickly and easily
- Master decoding strategies you can apply to any college admission test

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The Offical Study Guide For *All* SAT Subject Tests
The College Board, 816 pages
The two keys to your success on standardized achievement tests are relaxation and preparation. They depend on each other, of course, as what could relax you more than knowing what to expect? If any SAT Subject Tests are in your future, The College Board's got all the answers (and all the questions) you'll need to wield your No. 2 pencil with confidence and flair. Since they write and administer the SAT, Real SAT: Subject Tests is authoritative and believable. The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests is the only source of official questions and answers for all 20 SAT Subject Test exams, and it is the only comprehensive guide developed by the test maker. This all-new edition includes the following exclusive features: never-before-published practice tests for all 20 exams test-taking tips and strategies from the test-maker two audio CDs to practice for the foreign language SAT Subject Tests with Listening (Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) practice tests for the SAT Subject Tests in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Modern Hebrew, Italian, and Latin. The book evokes the look and feel of the real thing. Just convince a friend to sit in front of you looking unhappy, and you're all set!
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Simon's Saga for the SAT I Verbal
by Philip Geer, 400 pages
Simon, who is the narrator of this book, lets you know that he's a cool college dude who's ready to help everybody get an incredibly fantastic score when they take the new, revised verbal skills section of the SAT. Simon tells you that college time is party time, but first, you need to do some quick and serious work!
That includes expanding your vocabulary so you'll be able to cope with college-level reading assignments. Simon says: "Well, it's time for you to get to work. You'd better get this pedestrian stuff out of the way, pronto, so we can get to know each other better. Hey, I know the thing looks a little daunting, but I think the meanings are quite explicit." Certain words in that passage--for instance, pedestrian, daunting, and explicit--are set in boldface type. That is your signal to look up the word, understand what it means, and comprehend how it's being used in the sentence. Here's finally a cool, refreshing approach to building your vocabulary for the all-important college entrance test -- the SAT !

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Kaplan Writing Power, Third Edition : Score Higher on the SAT, GRE, and Other Standardized Tests
by Nancy White, 290 pages
Empower Yourself. Communicate with Confidence.
It's that bruiser of a term paper. Or maybe you're facing the writing tests on a college or grad school admissions exam and the personal essay for the school you really want to attend. Or it could be those business proposals for your boss. Whatever your writing needs, you know the importance of communicating with clarity and persuasiveness. This book provides the essential writing workshop that shows you that powerful writing is a process that can be learned -- step by step.
Kaplan Writing Power includes:
++ An intensive writing clinic
++ In-depth review of the four Golden Rules of Writing
++ Effective tools to organize your ideas and write better essays
++ Editing and revising techniques
++ Help with different types of essays, papers, reports, and proposals
++ Tips and strategies for developing great topics

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